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1Suggestions. Empty Suggestions. on Wed Aug 01, 2012 5:56 pm


Oke well i've decided to actually use these forums from now on fully. I will be checking up on them regulary every day from now on. If i'm not on my pc i can allways check new posts / replies out with my mobile so no worries.

Next thing i wanted to say is about suggestions. Seeing as you guys have lots of stuff that you want to be made for the game and updated, this topic right here will be used for your wishes. Say what ever you want to get made and i'll consider your idea and maybe make it if it's reasonable and makable... and if i have icons, but i'll take care of that one.

Next up are the updates themselves. As you may know, currently the only one working on the updates is me. I do pretty much everything... i even rip / make some icons if i have to in order to update...Reason for this is that Don won't be helping me out again cuz she's working as a pixel artist for one Naruto project and i must say that that game will probably be awesome. Well anyway back to me being only one to update. As i've said before on hub for countless times, i'll say it once more here in case someone actually reads this. We are hiring pixel artists for the team. If you have some talent for it, please post some of your work here or add me on MSN and show me your work. I've updated my profile to show my MSN so check it out from there.

Last, but not least... Bug Reports. Now i shall make another topic for that aswell, that i'll constantly check every day. I will ask Ido to make a category named "Bug Reports" and "Suggestions" as soon as i see him. But anyway, until than use these topics!

2Suggestions. Empty Suggestions. on Thu Aug 02, 2012 11:07 pm


Vik you should remake mist then add cloud then rock.... take the kage robe from sound leader and add the orochimaru outfit, Put in a Kage Meeting verb which all kages has to agree to join then finally remake the sand chuunin vest to the new and improved one

3Suggestions. Empty Re: Suggestions. on Fri Aug 03, 2012 11:00 am


Make it so its impossible to attack Academy Student and Academy Student would not be able to attack others.
This way the rule No.7 will be fixed and new players will be able to Train all they like.

Also it would be awesome if administration could improve the Tab button.
For Example:
When selecting an enemy with Tab make priority the ninjas from other villages,
because its gets really annoying when the Tab select the guy who is on your side, and sometimes you need to press Tab few times for it actually to work so it would be nice if this enemy selection thing would be a little bit more accurate. Also when some one attacks you, make it so it would auto select that person unless they using some Jutsu which hides them.

Shadow Clone Jutsu:
I think this Jutsu is Useless because when you use it, your HP goes down by massive amount. I had 2500 HP and when I used That Jutsu I had only 400 left... and therefore this Jutsu only used for training. But I believe that this Jutsu plays a massive role in Naruto Anime! Its very simple technique but can be very useful. I understand that there should be some kind of cost for using it, but not decrease your HP by 84%. Also Have you seen How much Chacra this Jutsu uses? I mean more complex Jutsu are not using so much...

Now for Villages:
I think it would be best if Players not chose what Village they going to play in, and it would auto generated... So 1 person added to each village each time. I think it would be best because we would not see one Village being over powered... and therefore everyone goes there Like Sand for example! Also people might disagree with me and say "But I want to be in the same Village as my friend..." Well for this, I would say you still can play together and train together and do missions, the Only thing That different is your Village. Also this way it would be more motivating for players to become stronger as they would want to compete with their friends. This also would make the life for administration much easier... As I seen many requests from players to move them to other Village.

I also think having NPC Guards in Villages and Outside of Village for Missions would be very good. Having an NPC that would help protect a Village would be very good.

It would also be cool if the game would have a lot of swords and different kinds of clothes in the shop. (But this is something I think is not needed, it just something that would be nice to have!)

4Suggestions. Empty Suggestions. on Mon Aug 06, 2012 8:40 pm


The NNE team should add jounin long sleeve shirts and a jounin exam just like on the anime and for it you need to click a link that goes away in 5 minutes and the link teleports you to a dome arena where the fighting begins

5Suggestions. Empty Re: Suggestions. on Thu Aug 09, 2012 1:16 pm


Should add the anbu flak and sword
-Should also create clan outfits for example aburame can have a coat and glasses

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